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 by effi cient heating or AC regulation, you can attain savings of up to 30 % • dimming lets you save around 15 % • further savings: linking appliances, time switching, weekly mode, detecto


• the system includes detectors of motion, smoke and open windows • you can create an alarm to protect your property and loved ones


 integrated video cameras provide a view of what is happening at a location you are currently away from • events are recorded onto a log that you can view later • you can connect from anywhere in the world and monitor your home in real time or from the recording.


• you can control comfortably from a controller in the pocket or smartphone • by pressing a single button, you perform several commands at once • you need not worry about switching things off – they switch automatically or based on fulfi lling a condition


• everything is set up to function automatically • weekly heating mode, blinds at dawn, lights at dusk • the motion detector is not only for security, but detects the presence of persons for other functions as well.


• option of adding more devices • change in functions by simple readjustment • settings and management remotely without needing to arrive on site

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